Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Los Angeles Arts Month

Just got home from the mega-kick-off with 400 other people at Los Angeles Arts Month at the Music Center Plaza. As you may know, January has been proclaimed “Art Month” in L.A. County. This started three years ago on the recommendation of Gayle Roski . She’s an amazing person and an amazing artist. My sister and Deputy Mayor, Aileen Adams, was there as well. And in the company of these two muses, I was able to reconnect with the major movers-and-shakers from The Getty, the Opera , the Music Center, California African Museum, LACMA,  the Arts Commission, and the Corporate world. We all discussed great new ideas on how to work together. So, stay tuned and find out how art continues to advance!!!
Anyway, enough socializing and strategizing, I have to get back to painting. Have some paintings to touch up for some upcoming exhibitions.
Two Snappy Dressers
 Me with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa at the Music Center for "LA Arts Month." 
Notice City Hall in the background. Thanks to my sister Aileen for this great shot!

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  1. Dear Peter,

    Great to see the picture of you with the Mayor celebrating LA Arts Month. Since I took the glamorous photo, I am thinking of resigning my post as Deputy Mayor and becoming your official photographer!!!!!!

    I LOVE your blog. You are so hard to keep up with, given the wide range of activities that you and Elaine are a central part of. The blog will help to chronicle your amazing lives. Geoff and I feel so blessed to have you in ours.


    Sister Aileen